Celebrity Spotlight

By Staff Writers

There hasn’t been any news lately about celebrity climate activists, since the Coronavirus pandemic has been in the news every day. We still want to profile a celebrity that has actively helping to save the planet for more than ten years. Actor Mark Ruffalo is a celebrity climate activist always busy trying to save The Mother. Thank you, Mark!

Here are the organizations he works with, currently:

Water Defense  https://waterdefense.org/ New York-based non-profit started by Ruffalo, to fight hydraulic (fracking) fracturing in the Empire State.

Frack Free Colorado https://www.frackfreecolorado.com/ Ruffalo supports this grassroots organization that is against (fracking) fracturing.

The Solutions Project https://thesolutionsproject.org/ Ruffalo is a board member of this organization that is elevating women leaders and leaders to help transition everyone to 100% clean, renewable energy. 

Indigenous Environmental Network. https://www.ienearth.org/ In 2016, this native-led grassroots organization received a grant from The Solutions Project, for their work in environmental and economic justice.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons https://www.flickr.com/people/46117775@N04

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