The Spiritual Energy of a Meditation Room  

by Dee Doanes

We are delighted that our new meditation building is complete. When the main Tuskegee, AL campus reopens we look forward to everyone joining us in a healing circle when we burn Agnihotra and other Homa fires.

Usually,a meditation or spiritual retreat has a place set up just for meditation. This is done so there is a place of quiet to go to for participants. The spiritual energy in the meditation room builds up and you can feel the power when entering the room. 

You can do the same in a room in your house for the entire family. If you don’t have a room, pick a corner, close it off with a screen and turn that into your meditation corner. 

Other meditation room setups ideas: 

  • Corner of a porch 
  • A small tool shed (used only for meditation) 
  • A tent in the backyard
  • A specific backyard tree with a seat

No other activities should happen in a meditation room. No talking, no food. Only keep things in this area used for mediation, i.e., cushion, chair, sound bowl, etc.

We live in a fast-paced world where people during the day often don’t set aside a space to be still and quiet. A meditation room is a sacred space for people to relax, reset, and have silence. 

The Creator designed the physical world and we have built many innovations and technologies to keep society flourishing. Make time to sit in your meditation room to experience the spiritual energy and watch the flourishing of your inner self. There is so much beyond the physical world, inside us, yet to be experienced until we sit and be still.