About the Shanti Sun Magazine

Shanti Sun Magazine

The Shanti Sun Magazine is a green, environmental magazine that started in 2014, published by The Heal the Atmosphere Association (HTAA). Every month we bring you the latest climate change, climate crisis, pollution, and environmental news. The focus is on everyday people working on the grassroots and global levels to fight climate change. This includes youth environmental activists. Other topics covered are holistic health, Ayurveda, Agnihotra, farming, and science. The Shanti Sun reports on climate crisis news you won’t see in most mainstream media outlets.

HTAA was the first black environmental organization, founded by the late, Sri Charles Davis in the 1970s. Sri Charles was dedicated to bringing the latest information on the climate crisis along with Ayurvedic solutions. His mission for The Shanti Sun continues. The magazine is committed to reporting environmental news and serving at-risk communities, where people suffer the most from the effects of climate change and pollution. Please contact us If you would like to join our efforts in helping those in need.


Publisher: The Heal the Atmosphere Association

Editor: Mama Dee Doanes Davis

Journalist: Mama Dee Doanes Davis

Staff Writer: Jason Davis

Staff Writer: Kenyatta Hall

Location, Hours, and Contact

Address: 1585 Hwy 199 Tuskegee, AL 36083

Main Phone: 404-487-8156

Hours: Monday-Friday 9-5 p.m. CT

If you would like to write for our magazine or have general inquiries, please use the Contact Us link.