By Justin Davis


The back-to-back hurricanes and wildfires taking place are happening because of manmade pollution. We haven’t been doing a good job of taking care of the planet. It’s unfortunate when lives are lost, but these weather events happening over and over again are very telling. This shows that climate change is real and applies to everyone.

The average person can’t do anything about what is happening now and can’t protect the planet based on being told to recycle or save energy. None of that is helping.  Recycling won’t put out a wildfire, and ll saving energy won’t stop hurricanes. But practicing Agnihotra is a powerful way to protect the planet.Agnihotra is an Ayurveda fire practice done by lighting dried cow dung, brown rice, and ghee inside a copper pyramid at sunrise and sunset. Agnihotra has the science to prove that it combats pollution. It changes the molecules in the atmosphere, resets the planetary cycle, and puts up a protective barrier where the fire is performed within a 2-mile radius. The Ayurveda fire creates five gases: acetylene, formaldehyde, butapropiolactone, ethylene oxide, and propylene oxide.  These gases combine and create a funnel to pull pollution out of the atmosphere, shoot purified atmosphere upward, and bring it back down to the soil.

Regularly doing Agnihotra is the way to get the planet back to a healthy functioning state. This Ayurveda technique nourishes the planet. Agnihotra is something the average person can immediately do to fight climate change.