Healing Nature and Improving Yourself 

By Jeffrey Davis

It’s been a rough year, and this has been a time to step back and look at how you have been living life. Maybe it’s time for you to take up a new hobby and do something different. The events of this past year have shown that you can’t do what you were doing before the pandemic. 

How do you go about improving yourself? Nature healed itself when we weren’t traveling and stayed inside our homes. The pollution cleared up. Animals that were thought to be extinct came out, and we were able to see them. This healing meant that people improved. We reevaluated ourselves and worked on the things we needed to change. 

Doing Agnihotra is a way to have a clean atmosphere and take things to a higher level for the planet and yourself. Agnihotra is an Ayurveda practice done at sunrise and sunset in a copper pyramid filled with specially prepared items. This practice cleanses the air, heals the planet, and heals people.

Ridding the planet of pollution is good for the mind. When the mind isn’t bombarded by pollution, then it can mentally focus on a higher level.

People are Tired of Hate 

Some people are cautious, and some are throwing caution to the wind. We have to pay attention to what’s happening in the world and change along with the times, reacting not based on fear. I’ve noticed that young people are looking for a way to express themselves and flocking towards living a life of love. They are tired of the hate; they want to love. And doing Agnihotra is a way to live a life of love.  

Agnihotra and Karma

Agnihotra gives you a chance to clean up karma when you are a caretaker for the planet. We take, take, and take so much from the earth. The time for giving is now. Doing Agnihotra cleanses your auric body and helps the atmosphere turn back into its pure state.