Herbal and Natural Pharmacy Medicine Cabinet

by Dee Davis

The longest-running pharmacy is a natural, ancient system available 24 hours a day and doesn’t require health insurance to access. This pharmacy is called Planet Earth. The medicine available is plants and herbs, recommended by those who study the various use of herbs and are familiar with The Creator’s prescription for living and healing.  

I’m an herbalist with a garden. People often ask what to grow and what herbal combinations to take for health challenges. Recently I sent someone a list of herbs I keep in my herbal medicine cabinet.

I reminded myself that the best herbs and plants used for natural healing remedies are: 

  • Simple to use 
  • Easy to access (everyone doesn’t have a garden) 
  • Individually can be used for multiple health issues 

Eating herbs produces an energetic field in the body that resonates with the entire planet, especially herbs grown without chemicals. When ingested, a Divine Resonance occurs and the body’s organs rejoice. The heart recognizes that which the body originates from is being put into the body, and it beats harmoniously knowing that it’s being treated tenderly. The ingestion of plants and herbs is sacred worship, a deep connection to God. 

I bow in reverence to every pine tree, dandelion and rose. Tears come to my eyes at the glory I walk upon and touch every day when I step on my front lawn. My heart says, “Hello, friend. Thank you.”

Reverence for the plants and herbs is at the heart of every herbalist, traditional Ayurveda medicine doctor, indigenous medicine man/medicine woman and natural farmer

Thousands of years ago, humans regularly touched the soil and plants by growing food, and the secrets of the planet and the Universe were revealed to them. The Creator’s power allowed them to go beyond the five senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. Humans were given power through the five elements of earth, water, fire, wind and ether. This power has been lost and is to be restored as the truth of the planet and people’s destiny.  

Here’s a list of herbs and plants to keep in your herbal medicine cabinet: 


Immune system, tooth pain, natural garden insecticide.

Garlic is nature’s penicillin and is where modern penicillin originates. Fresh crushed garlic cloves can be eaten raw, in foods or juiced with vegetables. Place a raw clove on a tooth abscess to infection and pain, (this will burn.)

For a health crisis, make a healing herbal “bomb” consisting of juiced garlic, onion, turmeric and cayenne. Take three tablespoons a day. Warning, this is very strong and will call you to the bathroom or throw up. Great for cold, flu, breaking fevers and detoxing.


Immune system, fever, cough syrup. 

Onions are a close potent cousin of garlic. Onions placed inside socks while you sleep will break a fever. Many friends have used this treatment with great success for their young children. Traditionally, many people worldwide use onions to treat colds, flu, and pneumonia. Stories date back to the 1500s about people not dying from the Bubonic Plague due to onions being on their nightstand. Put on a nightstand in a saucer or bowl or on the top of the chest as a poultice. 

Side note: Grow lots of garlic and onions. They are much stronger and more medicinal than what is in the grocery store. 


Sore throat, upset stomach, digestion, household cleaner. 

Fresh lemon juice added to water is excellent for digestion. Use as part of a homemade electrolyte drink consisting of water, lemon, salt and honey.


Blood cleanser, digestion, constipation, high blood pressure. 

Fresh cayenne s great to add to a detox plan. It’s also a natural garden insecticide. Mix with natural dishwashing liquid and garlic cloves.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, appetite suppressant.

Use ACV that’s unfiltered with “the Mother.” ACV is used for chronic fatigue, female bath soaking tonic and household and laundry cleaner. Dilute with distilled water to make eye drops to treat cataracts.   

Oil of Oregano

Urinary tract infections (UTI), herpes, cuts, parasites. 

Oil of Oregano is an excellent remedy for UTIs. Put five to six drops in a glass of water. You may need to increase by a few drops to see results. Do this twice a day. Don’t take for more than two weeks. 


Anti-tumor, immune system, colds, flu. 

There are many scientific studies about the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric. Make a tea with turmeric powder and black pepper. The pepper increases the absorption of turmeric. Many cancer patients use this for holistic healing.

Neem Oil 

Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral.

Neem oil can replace rubbing alcohol or witch hazel to disinfect cuts. Excellent for insect bites, gingivitis, periodontal disease, herpes and a natural garden insecticide.

Agnihotra Ash

Agnihotra ash is a powerful Ayurvedic medicine used to reverse pollution and heal humans. 

Agnihotra ash boosts the effects of all herbs and plants and makes them more potent. It’s considered Ayurvedic ash used for upset stomach and food poisoning. Good for heart problems, eczema, cancer, cuts, viruses, natural garden insecticide, and much more.

Disclaimer: This information is general information and isn’t medical advice. Consult your medical doctor or healthcare provider for medical advice and treatment.