by Mother Dee

When we talk about Agnihotra

we are talking about getting rid of pollution, 

putting back nature to its natural order

so it can go back to being balanced and perfect.

Agnihotra cleanses pathogenic bacteria from the atmosphere.

It cleanses the impurities in water and restores the soil to being balanced.

Everything goes back to being perfect the way that

The Creator had in the original design before man tampered with it.

We know that Agnihotra balances nature 

and balances the people who perform Agnihotra. 

It puts balance back in Nature and people, 

puts everything back to perfection.

Which leads us to being imperfect in a perfect society

We have to perform perfectly in order to fit in society.

Whether it be to perform in a fast-paced office that has sales goals 

or other business endeavors that, 

in order to succeed, require that things be performed just right. 

This creates a lot of stress in everyday life. 

You have to get perfect grades to get into the perfect university. 

We have to have the perfect child that gets good grades. 

We need to be the best athlete and get every ball shot into the basket, 

or every touchdown. 

We need to look perfect. 

Have the best hairstyle, be skinny or fit. 

You can’t look too old. 

Your nose, breasts, or derriere has to look perfect. 

If you are old and look your age, then surely that can’t do.

You have to be perfect. 

We need to be perfect parents; you don’t dare make a mistake. 

We have to be the perfect spouse. 

We need to be perfect in everything.

Have a big, perfect house,

buying things we can’t afford 

that are supposed to make you have a perfect life, so you can fit in.  

A lot of consumerism is built on making us be perfect or 

distracting us from being self-sufficient. 

Misdirected consumerism causes a lot of debt and despair.

We need to get back to community living.  

doing things like growing our own food, exchanging resources, 

helping those that have no money. 

All these things make for a great community.  

This is the real perfect society.

We need to realize that life’s journey is already based on perfection. 

You being yourself, learning your life lessons,

stumbling along and doing your best

until you come to a higher understanding.

This is perfection. 

This is the Perfection of The Creator.

Allow yourself when you miss some steps 

to know that you’re not bad because

you made some so-called mistakes. 

You are beautiful, handsome, wise, delightful, powerful, 

because you are a human being

made in the image of Mother/Father God. 

Don’t let society say that you are not perfect.

Understand that you are part of Nature’s order.

You don’t have to be a king with a castle.

You already are a KING, 

because you are the master of how to be happy in your abode, 

which is a Spiritual Castle.

Society is made of people that can truly shape the government and industries. 

But people can only do the things that need to be done 

when we realize that we are not imperfect in a so-called perfect society. 

We are already perfect whether we realize it or not. 

Now is the time for society to conform to the Divine Perfection of the people.

We tend to pick people apart no matter if their intention is good. 

We find the little thing we think is wrong 

and shut them down, 

as opposed to having a conversation 

to better understand their point of view. 

We may not know that their intention is good, 

but we’re always to act in love when dealing with others.

Let’s not pick people apart, pointing out their faults and missteps 

in a harsh. non-productive way. 

We can gently guide each other. 

We can gently correct each other 

and suggest ways to live a better life.