There has been a lot of discussion about mothers dealing with the baby formula shortage. The media features doctors telling mothers not to make dangerous homemade baby formula, and not to use an old homemade formula recipe that’s circulating on social media. The recipe was used in the 1950s-1970s by thousands of mothers. What the doctors aren’t doing is offering mothers a solution.

Old School Moms Who Used the Old Homemade Recipe

The old homemade baby formula recipe consists of Pet evaporated milk, water, and Karo syrup. It’s interesting to read social media posts from many women aged mid-70s and older sharing that they used this formula and how their kids were healthy. Some moms said they couldn’t produce enough milk with breastfeeding. Some moms said that their baby was allergic to store-bought baby formulas. Some moms trusted this homemade recipe more than store-bought. Some moms with large families liked the convenience of using the recipe and not having to breastfeed.      

The Mothers of Today  

New moms face some of the same problems that mothers back in the day had with feeding babies formula. The differences now are that most new moms don’t breastfeed and aren’t stay-at-home moms. Their lifestyles are much busier and geared toward using commercial baby formula. 

The Truth 

The news shows fearful moms scared that they can’t feed their babies. Their fear is understandable and disturbing and affects the babies and the mother’s partners. How are the moms able to heal their bodies with this added stress? The babies respond to this physically and mentally. 

If you are a mother feeling fear right now. Pause. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and sit still for 5 minutes. Think about this:

Mothers have been breastfeeding, dealing with breastfeeding difficulties, and making baby formula for thousands of years. Modern society has forgotten the history of the resilience of millions of women that have birthed and raised children to form all of the World’s nations. 

The truth is that you’re not powerless. You have the advantage that the Creator created you and has instilled the answer to this baby formula shortage and any life challenge within you. Don’t let the media and society tell you otherwise.  


Option 1

Breastfeeding is the best option for babies. Mothers or expecting mothers should consider breastfeeding or pumping to address formula shortages. Work for family-oriented companies that allow part-time or full-time working from home. Or start a business that lets you fulfill the needs of your baby. Family should always come first. Society flourishes when centered on the health and happiness of all of its members.  

If you’re not able to breastfeed due to infected nipples, blocked milk ducts, low milk production, health conditions, or other issues, then find a doula or lactation expert to assist you. If you haven’t breastfed for up to six months since your child’s birth, there still is a possibilty of producing milk. There are herbs and other natural techniques that can help.

Option 2

Breast milk banks and milk sharing networks share donated milk from breastfeeding mothers. Note: breast milk banks are medically-supervised. The link above has more details. Eats on Feets is a well-known breast milk sharing network. 

Here is some interesting history about breastfeeding, wet nursing (a mother breastfeeding another mom’s baby), and commercially produced formula. 

Option 3 

Make Home Made Vegan Baby Formula

I’m not a doctor and am not giving you medical advice. Use these recipes at your discretion. I looked for simple to make formulas that had the most nutrients that babies need. Research to learn and verify what works best for your baby. Take the recipes to a holistic nutritionist or another medical provider to ensure the nutritional levels meet your baby’s needs. 

Some new moms have complained that the Karo syrup in the old recipe isn’t healthy and are researching healthier substitutes.


**I just saw that YouTube removed this informative video**This alkaline recipe is from Rick, a father teaching other fathers how easy it is to be involved in the holistic health of their babies. The recipe: spring water, bladder wrack, and Irish Sea moss. These two herbs are boiled and made into a gel, refrigerated overnight, then used with hemp hearts, pitted dates, and salt.

Here is a similar recipe:


Kelley is a registered nurse and holistic healer who uses this recipe: flax seed oil, molasses, honey (don’t use for young babies), coconut oil, Grade A maple syrup), pink salt, Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Kids, Garden of Life Raw Protein and Greens, (or brown rice protein powder with a total infants vitamin formula for young babies), Silk brand, almond coconut blend milk (or plain coconut milk). Cashew or almond milk can also be used. Her website:  


This is my #Recipe for #Organic #babyformula Without the honey this is a vegan formula that meets all nutritional needs and then some without all the aluminum in store bought formula #HowTo #Vegan #Vegetarian #healthy

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Let us know of other natural methods that help new mothers deal with the baby formula shortage. 

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