By Dee Doanes

Poetry and essays are a way to inspire creativity and promote literary art. Smile. Share. Be happy.

I’m excited to share my poetry with readers. Being a reporter for the Shanti Sun isn’t the only type of writing I do. Most people don’t know that I started my writing career as a poet. I’m a published paranormal/mystery novelist, and fine art, nature photographer,

The picture that accompanies this section is my work. It was taken at Amicalola Falls State Park in Dawsonville, GA.  

Step Softly

By Dee Doanes

Step softly in the forest.

Step softly in the night.

Step softly,

for butterflies lay sleeping,

for tangled roots lay waiting

to grow into Banyan trees.

Step softly,

whispering truth

into resting lilies

so they bloom with light.

Step softly,

For you are love

And love is everywhere,

cushioning each step.

So step softly, step softly, step softly.