The Ayurveda Way of Dealing with Covid-19 and the Protests

By Staff Writers

Protests are happening every day, and people are at their highest level of anxiety. And this is happening worldwide. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. People are tired of the divisiveness that keeps people from forgiving and loving each other.  Young people are especially tired of seeing how some African-Americans are treated. They’re fighting for what’s right and walking with love as they help their fellow brothers and sisters.  

What’s happening in America now is cleansing away negative actions and doing away with the societal norms that don’t bring about unity. Covid-19 and the protests have shown that everyone in society is suffering. There is the physical suffering of disease. And there is the mental and spiritual suffering that comes from living in a materialistic culture where many don’t care for their neighbors. 

Not much thought is given to air pollution causing polluted thoughts. You breathe 2,500 gallons of air every day. So what do you think that does to people’s thoughts? Clean air is essential to the quality of your health which includes your thoughts. Pollution has encroached on every part of life.

Could eradicating pollution solve the problems we have today?

What can we do as individuals to solve these problems?

Ways to Deal With Covid-19 and the Protests, Based on Ayurveda Wisdom:

  • Having worldwide peace starts at home. Be loving and kind to your family. Resolve issues and forgive each other. This spreads outside the home into the workplace and beyond.
  • Share material possessions with those less fortunate, with no expectation in receiving anything in return. Don’t be attached to material possessions. People are more important.
  • Get into a routine of practicing love every day. Stay disciplined in this practice.
  • Do good actions, even in the face of wrong being done unto you. Every good action brings about good, even if you don’t see the outcome immediately. Karma purifies and strengthens you.
  • Meditate and Pray. Perform Agnihotra daily. This Ayurveda practice not only cleanses the air and water but also brings about peace and tranquility, so that thought pollution dissolves away from the mind.
  • Do pranayama (deep breathing.) It clears the mind and builds immunity to combat Covid-19
  • Understand yourself and your part in whatever bad is happening in your life and your community. Be a part of solving the issues and not just talking about them.
  • Work with community leaders to change local police policies.
  • Listen to the police. They are humans, too, and make mistakes. All of them aren’t monsters. Think about the daily stress police go through when working at protests. Organize a community dinner with local police precincts.

Practicing love is the answer is to the challenging times we face today. Agnihotra is a tool to keep love in your heart constantly.  Universal love is the answer the world needs now.