by Mother Dee

A man can climb to the Mountaintop 

then sit there Serenely after having gained wisdom. 

Eventually, others come to visit the man to ask questions 

about how to live in the regular everyday world. 

This is happening in towns far away, 

where the people live,

that come to visit 

the man sitting on top of the mountain or sitting in the cave.

Then the visitors go back to the town that they come from,

to try to live like the one that’s sitting on the Mountaintop. 

The visitors don’t think they can be as wise as the man sitting on the Mountaintop. 

But they try to live right and try to be as Serene 

as the one that sits on the Mountaintop,

or the one who comes out of the cave to give his wisdom.

He wants to share his wisdom with the people. 

Then there is the Wisest One. 

The One that has sat on the mountain peak 

serenely with the Sun gaining wisdom. 

The wind gives them insight,

and they speak to the Creator constantly.

They came out of the cave, 

climbed down the mountain 

and then found others in the towns far and wide, 

to bring the mountaintop-cave experience to the people.

The cave dweller knew that bringing the cave to the people 

would have a more profound experience 

than they would normally have 

when they would visit him on the Mountaintop. 

The people will learn that they can achieve climbing to the Mountaintop. 

They too can reside in a cave sitting Serenely. 

Sitting with the WISDOM OF THE UNIVERSE is in the palm of their hands. 

The mountaintop-cave dweller experience can be experienced by everyone.

So the time of the cave is gone. 

The truly WISE ONES come out of the caves, 

to tell everyone that it is possible to be as Wise as them.