Tuskegee, Alabama Kids Go Green

By Staff Writers

The children are our future in going green and taking care of the planet. And the world is listening to the wisdom of the youth.  We’re highlighting two eco-conscious kids. Na’im Muhammad, age 8, and his sister, Safa Muhammad, age 6, are members of The Heal the Atmosphere Association Youth Team. They are the smart, exuberant kids of Scott and Erica Muhammad. The youngsters love participating in kid’s agricultural events coordinated by their parent’s nonprofit, Seed Inc.

We caught up with Na’im and Safa at the Macon County Junior Commissioner event held in Tuskegee, Al, in August 2019. During the environmental education session, the children were asked what changes they wanted to see in their neighborhood.

Na’im tapped his chest firmly and answered, “I want clean air in all the neighborhoods and not have trash on the ground.”

Safa looked around the room at the room full of youth and adults and answered in a booming voice, “I want no cursing and no pollution in my neighborhood!” All of us chuckled as she smiled while nodding her head.

Way to go green, kids!