Unity, Balance, and Agnihotra

By Jason Davis

Things happening in the world today foreshadow what’s to come in the future. I see that people use material things to be happy and end up being hollow shells.  They chase more money and things and end up not being happy. The world needs unity to bring about happiness.

Once you look at yourself don’t be afraid of what you see and admit your shortcomings.”

Live a Balanced Live

Everything is about balance. To protect the planet, we have to use sustainable items products and live sustainably in our daily lives. We need to develop land in a way that’s in sync with nature. And unplugging from electronics sometimes is necessary. There needs to be a balance when using electronics. Everything available to us is a tool, and it’s up to each individual how to use it.

Video Games and Social Media

Some people blame video games and social media for problems they have. They need to stop doing that. Video games and social media aren’t the problems; it’s how you deal with them. I remember reading the teachings of Master Vasant that problems are a catalyst to bring about different emotions within you. They are the spark. It’s up to you to bring about the correct emotions. That’s why you need to be around like-minded people to help you make the right decisions.

Agnihotra Resolves Pollution and Helps to Better Yourself

Agnihotra is an Ayurveda practice done in a copper pyramid at sunrise and sunset. Cow dung, brown rice, and ghee are placed inside the pyramid. A fire is lit precisely at sunrise and sunset. When this is done, a bio-energetic bubble forms eight miles up and over a two-mile radius. There is a purification that happens to the air, water, and soil.  The planet is purged of pollution, and healing takes place. You are also purified and healed. Agnihotra is the basic Homa fire as described in the Vedas.

Agnihotra sets a foundation to better yourself and help you to look within. Looking within is self-study (called Swadhyaya in Sanskrit.) When you look at yourself, don’t be afraid of what you see and admit your shortcomings. Once you take this step, then the healing process can begin. Agnihotra helps create structure in your life when you do the morning Homa fire and the evening Homa fire.